• O'Fallon, MO Woman Died in Car Crash on I-70
    An O'Fallon, MO woman died on Sunday morning in a car accident on Interstate 70. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Kayla M. Nguyen, 25, was driving on a stretch of the highway that was covered in snow and tried to merge. The movement caused her vehicle to slide and was propelled off the left side of I-70. The vehicle then returned to the highway, where it struck a tractor-trailer. Police who arrived at the scene pronounced Nguyen dead as a result of the accident.
  • 3 Remaining Victims of Tyrone, MO Shooting Named by Authorities
    The names of the remaining 3 victims of a shooting in Tyrone, MO over the weekend have been released by authorities on Saturday afternoon. These three victims were not related to the other four and the shooter, 36-year-old Joseph Aldridge, who committed suicide following the crime. The 3 victims were neighbors 68-year-old Darrell Dean Shriver, his 46-year-old son Carey Dean Shriver, and Carey's 44-year-old wife, Valirea Love Shriver. It is believed by authorities that Aldridge snapped after he found his mother dead of natural causes, and went on his killing spree, in which 7 people died and one injured. Aldridge ...
  • More Information Released Regarding Shooting at Town House Inn in Cape Girardeau
    On Saturday morning a shooting occurred at the Town House Inn in Cape Girardeau. The Missouri Highway State Patrol is currently investigating the incident, and over the weekend more information was released by the authorities. A US Marshall was serving a warrant to one of the hotel's occupants, 30-year-old James Wilkins, who was wanted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon out of Tunica, Mississippi. Wilkins emerged from the bathroom of room 206 with a gun, and a shootout commenced between Wilkins, the US Marshall, and a Cape Girardeau police officer. Wilkins was shot once in the chest and was ...
  • Snowy Weather Causes Pileup on I-44 Near Rolla, MO
    A chain reaction of vehicle accidents on I-44 near Rolla, MO has sent 11 people to the hospital with a variety of injuries. According the police, the pileup occurred after a Greyhound bus collided with the rear-end of a tractor-trailer, causing a number of vehicles between 25 and 35 to crash into one another. This all happened on Saturday during snowy weather, which made driving conditions all the more dangerous. Sgt. Cody Fulkerson with the Missouri State Highway Patrol says that no one was killed in the pileup.
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